Recent development of the environmental legislation in the Czech Republic

Eva Kruzikova

Since 1989 the Czech Republic has experienced several stages of the environmental legislation development. The main body of the legislation has originated at the beginning of the 1990s, particularly in 1991 and 1992. During this stage the Czech Republic succeeded to enact such important acts as the Act on Environment, Act on EIA, sectoral legislation. Since that time the legislation has been amended several times (Waste Act three times, for example). In the middle of the 1990s we were relatively satisfied with the state of the environmental law. It covered all the aspects of the environmental protection. At that time, however, the development in this field slowed down significantly - until 1998.

The nowadays development is fully driven by the needs of the approximation process. At the beginning of this stage the Czech environmental legislation was compatible with the Community law up to 60 %-70 % as confirmed by the screening. However, almost no environmental directive was fully transposed. A relatively big number of directives have not been transposed at all (packaging waste, IPPC, e.g.).

The current stage might be called as the second most hectic period of the development of our environmental legislation (after the first one at the beginning of the 1990s.).

Short summarisation of the newest development:

There are several areas that are considered as the most difficult problems of approximation, particularly because of the economic reasons: Some other remarks on legislation and policy (concerning also the "non-environmental legislation"): Currently the Czech Republic works on the draft of the Environmental Code/Act on Environment. It is being drafted by the non-governmental organization (Institute for Environmental Policy) in co-operation with Dutch and German experts.

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