The Avosetta Series

The Avosetta Series publishes texts that present innovative discourse on European Environmental Law. The individual books of the series can be purchased at Europa Law Publishing.

The European Convention and the Future of European Environmental Law (2003)
Integration of Environmental Protection Into Other EC Policies (2003)
Competition Law and Environmental Protection in Europe (2003)
Principles of European Environmental Law (2004)
Environmental Crime in Europe: Rules of Sanctions (2004)
Access to Justice in Environmental Matters and the Role of Ngos (2005)
Reflections on 30 Years of EU Environmental Law (2005)
Sustainable Development in International and National Law (2008)
The Aarhus Convention at Ten (2011)
National Courts and EU Environmental Law (2013)
Environmental Democracy and Law (2014)
Property and Environmental Protection in Europe (2016)
EU Biodiversity Law: Wild Birds and Habitat Directives (2020)